music video for the new record

Here’s a link to a music video we made to promote the new record “hurricane mouse”. now avail at Hope you enjoy it!

Music Business Advice thats Time Tested and True!

I recently did an interview for University of the Arts. I was brainstorming advice ideas for younger students and came up with some things I was told by my older …Continue reading »

Interview for University of the Arts.

I did an alumni interview for UARTS. My good friend and excellent musician Matt Davis runs the guitar program there. Was nice to chat with him and answer some questions …Continue reading »


My new record is now on Bandcamp. Very happy with this record and how the band sounded when we recorded it. We spent a lot of time developing these songs …Continue reading »

New solo guitar video of Triste

Like everyone else, I’m stuck at home with lots of free time. So, I made a video. Here’s an arrangement of Triste. I’ve been working on this for awhile. Realized …Continue reading »

quarantined and bored

finally got around to learning some music Ive been meaning to learn. I have a huge list and since I’m not allowed to go outside I think I’ll go through …Continue reading »

Video guitar lessons available!

Now offering exclusively video guitar lessons. All of my students have transfered over to this platform and it’s worked great! We can do it via facetime, or any platform you’re …Continue reading »

what to say when someone offers a gig but doesn’t list the pay!?!?

What do you say when someone gives you all the info for a gig but leaves out the pay. Brutal! We’ve all had this. You definitely need to know and …Continue reading »

Jason Robert Brown at Sub Culture

had a great time playing with Jason and the band at Sub Culture. Here’s some pictures and a link to his blog.

Sara Bareilles tv series

Playing some guitar parts for a cool tv series Sara Bareilles has produced. “Little Voice” . Had fun doing a pre record with flor de tolsche today in Washington Square …Continue reading »