My new record is now on Bandcamp. Very happy with this record and how the band sounded when we recorded it. We spent a lot of time developing these songs …Continue reading »

soundcloud link to alt takes of 2nd album “Old Business”

Decided it was time to release the alt takes from my and album. Different solos and all sorts of stuff. Funny. listening back I think some are better now. Guess …Continue reading »

recording services

Full recording home studio. Fluent in Logic. Lots of electric guitars with any standard effect (and some strange ones) and various amps. Here’s a snippet of my home recording gear …Continue reading »

Polka Dots and Moonbeams solo guiar

Here’s an video I made of the standard Polka Dots and Moonbeams. Solo arrangement I came up with after messing with this tune for a bit the last couple months. …Continue reading »

New Album is here!

New Album in out and ready to buy. Here’s the link. It’s also avail on itunes and all the big download sights. Sorry no spotify for this one. I have …Continue reading »

link to buy my first album with my trio.

Solo guitar arrangement Endless Night

Julie Dexter show at BB Kings

Here’s a link to a guitar solo I took at the gig. To hear more music from the show check my youtube account!

Free beginner lesson videos

click on “lessons” to find out about how to get started, what to expect in a lesson and watch some free videos I made about Getting started on guitar basics.

Full Watts Video playing at Two Boots in Brooklyn

Full Watts Video playing at Two Boots in Brooklyn

Check the guitar solo!