Something I came up on Dobro

For once I had a lot of free time and was able to sit down and quietly write a tune. I’ve been messing around on the Dobro now for a couple years here and there when time permits. Figured writing something would help me learn the intrument a little more as well as get creative on it. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to write for it. Once you have a basic knowledge of it of course….
Here’s a youtube of what I did. Sorry about the low quality recording. It’s from my phone. I didn’t have a fancy mic while I was up in the Berkshires.
By the way I was doing a show up there by Nick Blaemire called “A Little More Alive” It’s a new show with amazing music and a stellar band. I usually don’t write about shows unless I truly like them so you know I mean business when I do! Check out the show when you can!

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