CD release at Club Bonafide!

November 4th at Club Bonafide.
Club Bonafide
212 E 52nd St, Fl 3rd, New York, New York 10022

It’s going to be our last gig for awhile. Due to my super awesome band members being crazy busy as well as some people in the band touring a lot. We’re most likely going to take a break for a bit and I’ve decided to put on a bigger show before we take a little time off. This is a new club owned by musicians (really good ones too!) for musicians. We’re very proud to play here and hope you will come be a part of it! There will be an after party type of thing afterwards as well. I know everyone likes party hard on Wednesday nights right?……
We’re very proud of our self produced CD. A lot of love and years of friendship was put into the band and the record. Although it was recorded and released quite awhile ago we never did a proper opening for it. So….here it is! Tickets for the show are 15$ but I’m selling CD’s at the show for 5$. This is the only time I’ll do this and it’s not available on free streaming sights. Only paid/downloadable and physical formats.

In the band is
Todd Groves – Woodwinds
Hiroyuki Matsuura – Drums
Andy O’Neill – Percussion
Jon Price – Electric Bass
Justin Rothberg – guitars and compositions. (maybe mandolin depending on what I eat that day)

Here’s links to the tickets or you can probably just buy them at the door.

Available at

As well as directly through Eventbrite at the link below:

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