recording services

Full recording home studio.
Fluent in Logic.

Lots of electric guitars with any standard effect (and some strange ones) and various amps. Here’s a snippet of my home recording gear but I have more or easy acces to about anything in my storage.
-Electric guitars (Les Paul Studio, Fender strat ultra, tele custom MJT, Tele custon thinline, Guild x700 archtop, 1962 Barney Kessel archtop, Carvin custom floating trem, Ibanez 1982 floating)
-ac steel string (taylor 710CE, Taylor 815CE)
-nylon string (yamaha)
-mandolin (collings and Epiphone)
-lap steel (pre war Epiphone)
-5 string or tenor banjo (Madison recording king)
-12 string (ovation)
-Uke (Lankai CKCGC)
-Fender Princeton Reverb II
-Fender Deluxe
-Polytone Mini Brute III
-Helix naitive plugin and Helix direct recording.
-Octava MK012 Condenser mic for acoustic instruments.
-SM 57 for miced amps
-every pedal/effect you’d ever need…

Contact me for music samples or a short recording for a free trial.

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