Kiss me Kate guitar/mandolin chair on Broadway

I try not to talk about show stuff on here in fear of being labeled a humble-bragger but hey!.. It’s my website. You’re visiting it and are asking for it!

I got the chair of guitar/mandolin on Kiss me Kate at Studio 54.
Classic Cole Porter, a 16 piece band and SWINGIN rhythm section. I’m loving playing this gig every week.
Limited run till June/July depending on an extension. If you see the show make sure to say hi…. I figured if you’re reading this we probably know eachother.

The mandolin part is not for the faint of heart and I had to sight read it the first Sitz! So I’m proud of representing my old mandolin shedding I put in back while I was on the road. I used to sit in to hotel. In front of the tv (on mute) and shed Mando all night. Hotels will make a person crazy. I always just did it for fun. Assuming nobody ever asks for a really tough mando part for the stuff I was doing. Up to this point the only use I’ve had for it was not much. When there was a mando part in a show or recording I could usually read it 1st or 2nd time through. I wrote a jazz mandolin tune and it’s coming out on my next record. A few times I brought it to jazz gigs for fun and would play a tune or two on it.
Finally I get to play this thing a lot ever night! yay!

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