Justin is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a guitar teacher: knowledgeable, patient, and attentive, with an approach that brings the guitar to life as an instrument. With a jazz education and dexterity in many styles, Justin takes my musical interests into account and seamlessly incorporates ear training and theory into our lessons. What makes this so great? Instead of mindlessly aping tab, I’m gaining a feel for the sound and logic of the guitar itself. My ears and hands are getting to know the guitar and so gain skills for coaxing the sounds and songs I want out of it— and that’s why I wanted to take lessons in the first place. Besides the efficacy of his method, Justin is reliable and professional as a teacher, giving you his undivided attention as you learn together. If you’ve also been looking for a guitar teacher who not only has chops but is interested in helping you develop musically, I can’t recommend Justin highly enough.
-Oli Stephano

I learned a lot from Justin, and I had a great time at our lessons. He was always on time, prepared, and really let my interests in guitar guide his teaching practice. In six months, I learned ten songs and a number of exercises. I improved hugely, and I totally credit Justin for that. He’s a super teacher!”
-Royale Webber

Justin Rothberg has been a positive influence on Matthew Weisbecker’s
development as a guitar student and as a musician. He has taught Matthew
conventional techniques and has also introduced him to jazz and blues, which he
now loves and embraces. In addition, Justin cultivates Matthew’s love for classic
rock, helping him fine-tune songs that standard teachers do not support. This past
year has allowed Matthew to develop his musical skills extensively in a short period
of time. Justin’s dedication is truly remarkable and it shows.”
-Rose Weisbecker

Justin is a fantastic teacher. His pace and technique were exactly what I was looking for and I’m extremely happy with the results. I would recommend him to anyone at any level. :)
-Courtney Palmer

I’ve known Justin as a colleague for many years and have always considered him a highly skilled guitarist with a love of many different styles of music. Now, as a recent Jazz student of his, I can say firsthand that he is a wealth of musical knowledge and an encouraging mentor.
-Whitney Gardner (owner of inthepocketnyc.com)