The Justin Rothberg Group

The Justin Rothberg group plays original instrumental music that takes inspiration from a variety of different styles.

“We try to explore a variety of different styles of music. While the trio is rooted in jazz, we try to stay as open minded as possible. Songs are influenced by hiphop, funk, dub reggae, Latin, world music, and anything else the band has been listening to. We pride ourselves in having our own sound but try to keep the music from being too “cerebral” We want it to be interesting and fresh but also listenable. Thats very important to us. To keep the music from sounding stiff, everyone tries to trust each other’s musical taste. Even though I write all of the tunes, it’s still a very open vibe on stage. No matter what song the band is playing, we’re always open to experimentation. Most of the members of the band have known each other for around 10 yrs so we’ve got a great vibe going.”

The band is consists of:

Justin Rothberg – guitars.

Gil Smuskowitz – bass.

Matsu – Drums

Tod Groves – woodwinds

Andy Oniel – Percussion

Debut Album

2nd Album (Old Business)


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Reviews of the 2nd album

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Review: from Russia

From Midwest Record

CD Review:
JUSTIN ROTHBERG GROUP/Old Business: Young ears and chops take fusion and filter it through the smooth jazz they probably grew up on and turn it back out as something you could pass off as a 70s CTI date with no one being the wiser. The leader/guitarist goes for making the ensemble made up of his long time pals comfortable enough to step out for well deserved star turns that they handle admirably. Locking into a groove like champs, these are cats you’ll be hearing more from in due time simply because they have the octane that’ll keep them going too strong to be contained. Quite impressive.

CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher

From Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Funky, groovy, creative, musical and original jazz/fusion music – a crossover from multiple genres, April 21, 2015
By Grady Harp (Los Angeles, CA United States)
This review is from: Old Business (MP3 Music)
OLD BUSINESS is an album of original jazz/fusion music written by Justin Rothberg. As Justin comments, `This is a group of excellent musicians and old friends that have a special bond you can only create by time. The music on this album was not only made to be interesting and creative but also listenable to anyone. I took an influence from a variety of styles and wrote music the band could put their own feeling into. The album was mixed and mastered by our woodwinds player, Todd Groves. On bass and drums are my original trio members from the my first album Matsu and Gil Smuskowitz. On percussion is an old friend and great musician Andy O’Niel. Good music/art is not only made by exceptional talent but also a good vibes. These musicians and friends are the best I could ask for. I believe jazz fans as well as music fans of any style will enjoy this album.”

And so we have the ensemble of Justin Rothberg, guitars, Todd Groves, saxophones, flute and melodica, Matsu, drums, Gil Smuskowitz, bass, and Andy O’Niel, percussion and drums.

There is something is this crossover that is for every listener – if not every track. Grady Harp, April 15